Dog Haircuts & Affordable Dog Teeth Cleaning

Give your pup a polished look with custom dog haircuts and thorough dog teeth cleaning from Always Pawsabilities in Lacey, Washington. I provide personalized service to help your dog look and feel his or her best.

One-of-a-Kind Haircuts

Each dog that enters my shop is examined closely, and suggestions are made as to what clip will benefit his or her look the most. I work with you to find a unique and charming style that works best for you and your pet.

Full-service grooming that includes full haircuts is quoted individually after the dog has been seen. In general, haircut prices follow the guidelines of bath and brush prices, with a markup of approximately $10 to $15. Due to the creativity and different levels of skill required, some haircuts may cost more based on the breed and needs of your dog.

Teeth & Gum Cleaning

To help bring out your pet's smile, I offer teeth cleaning add-on services for all full grooming packages. Your pet's teeth and gum health are very important. Bad breath is not only unpleasant but also a warning sign that your pet may need help.

My teeth cleaning service can be added to any full grooming package for just $16. Additionally, if your dog is part of our maintance package, that price drops to $10. This service includes a complete brushing and cleaning, as well as a full visual mouth assessment, which detects problems like loose or missing teeth or signs of infection or growths.

In addition, I scale the teeth lightly, if needed,  and use a warm water irrigation to get under the gum line as much as the pet is comfortable. Before leaving, pets are also given a minty tarter control spray, which also helps with bad breath. 

Although the teeth cleaning here is thorough, we cannot take the place of veterinary care, if the dog needs veterinary care. If the dog shows indications or any sign of infection they will be recommended for care under a licensed veterinarian. 

Contact me to discover how much a custom haircut and teeth cleaning can improve your pet's appearance.